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About Farm Scholar, LLC


What We Do

Farm Scholar, LLC provides strategic communications and program management services to individuals, organizations, and businesses focused on agriculture. While the above image may seem archaic with today's digital technologies, the process always starts with listening to our customers' goals and needs. And I really like pen and paper.

Farm Scholar services include, but are not limited to:

  • Lesson/curriculum development
  • Graphic design for print and digital media - logos, newsletters, flyers, post cards, ads, presentations, social media posts
  • Writing services - news and feature articles, press releases, web content, ad copy, speeches, editorials, radio and video scripts, social media and blog posts
  • Web design and site management for the small business/organizational client - focus on education and information services 

Behind the Creativity


Between the ages of 12 and 20, I aspired to have a number of careers: teacher, veterinarian, biologist, writer for National Geographic, and genetic engineer to name a few. I loved the life sciences and I loved learning. Once it was time to enter college, however, the number of scholarship opportunities enticed me to study at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture more than having a clear path to job success. I had some doubts in the beginning, but after some soul searching and counseling, I decided to pave my way to a unique career within the agriculture community.  

I began to realize that my most valuable gift was my creativity, and I found a lot of joy in bringing ideas to life. I decided to study communications, graphic design, public relations, and journalism in addition to agriculture. As a student, I took advantage of a number of work opportunities within the college to strengthen my skills in writing, editing, publication design, and video production. One job in particular was to help develop an agriculture education resource for students on a brand new media platform - the Internet.  

Within weeks of graduating, I landed the job of Communications Director with the Kentucky Corn Growers and Kentucky Small Grain Growers Associations. For nearly 17 years, I developed and managed the association's communications and education programs. I also maintained a communications and design business for some extra pocket change. Once the day-to-day communications tasks became second nature, I gave myself new career challenges. I began to share my views on agricultural issues publicly through writing and speaking engagements and worked to find more effective ways to communicate the good news of agriculture with those living outside the farm community bubble. 

In 2011, I surveyed a number of Kentucky teachers to figure out what educational resources about agriculture they might utilize that had not been done before. For the next year and with the approval of my association board, I created the Kentucky Farms Feed Me Virtual Field Trip Series. This award-winning project, a two-year long agriculture leadership program, and a lot of prayer helped me realize my true passion and prompted me to create Farm Scholar, LLC in 2014. We provide agriculture education, strategic communications, and program management services to several agriculture-based organizations and businesses. 

I have also been raising a crop of youngsters. As they have maneuvered through public school, I realize the need for providing accurate agricultural resources in our education system in a manner that will help teachers satisfy their job expectations and serve our children well. Agriculture sustains us all, and I believe that we must work to create an understanding of how our lives are affected by this vital system for our future.

If you would like to explore ways to strengthen agriculture education in your community, county, state, or nation, please contact us today. 

Jennifer Elwell, Founder and CEO

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The Team


Rachel Wilson
Education Consultant


Elizabeth Pressley
Resource Manager